Stanley Security and Oxehealth form partnership serving mental health sector


Trailblazing partnership places optical sensor in mental health patients' rooms to generate alerts and reports while maintaining patient privacy

STANLEY Security has announced a partnership with software manufacturer Oxehealth to supply advanced patient care and staff safety systems for the UK mental health sector.

The deal benefits from the two companies’ distinct areas of expertise: STANLEY Security in deploying integrated sensor and software systems in secure settings; and Oxehealth in developing ground-breaking healthcare software solutions.

Oxehealth’s software acts as an assistant for when staff can’t be there, paying attention to every room.

The mental health activity and behaviour solution raises alerts when it detects high-risk activity, for example getting out of bed, loitering in certain areas, leaving a room, points when it cannot detect human activity, helping to prevent serious incidents.

Handover reports provide objective data on patient activity, particularly at night. As a result, the software gives clinicians more time for hands-on care, where and when they’re needed most.

The system works by placing a secure optical sensor in a room to generate the alerts and reports clinicians need, seamlessly slotted into their existing workflow, while maintaining patient privacy. It has been designed in close collaboration with mental health clinicians and service users.

This trailblazing partnership between STANLEY Security and Oxehealth will therefore help staff prevent serious incidents, reduce the risk of falls, and better understand patient behaviour.

“We are delighted to be working with Oxehealth on this and other systems for the healthcare sector” said Derek McLean, head of technology solutions at STANLEY Security.

“STANLEY has an excellent pedigree in this market, from safety and security through to asset management systems and we’ve been innovative with core products such as CCTV cameras and access control equipment.

“But there has been a sea change in the company, with a focus on innovation and collaboration with organisations outside of our own industry.

“We want to add value to security systems and engage a wider audience. Working with Oxehealth is a prime example of how we are now approaching R&D. It’s exciting and challenging, but the results are so much more rewarding.”

Hugh Lloyd-Jukes, chief executive of Oxehealth, added: “STANLEY Security has been a leading systems integrator partner to UK mental health hospitals for many years. In fact, the company already works with several of our existing customers.

Oxehealth’s software solutions give staff more time for hands-on care and STANLEY Security is respected globally for deploying robust technology systems into mental health environments.

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“We are therefore delighted to enter into this partnership. Together, we can provide our powerful software solutions to many more UK mental health professionals to support their tireless work to improve patient care and their own safety.”