Peerless warranty launched by Armstrong Ceilings


Armstrong Ceilings has launched a systems warranty that exceeds anything else on the market

The first 30-year warranty in the ceiling systems sector has been launched by Armstrong to meet specifiers’ and contractors’ increasing focus on risk management.

Unique to Armstrong, the 30-year ceiling system warranty is designed to give 30 years of total confidence in the system specifiers have chosen.

Armstrong Ceilings currently offers standard product warranties of 15 years on a selection of tiles and 15 years on selected suspension systems as well as a lifetime warranty on its Dune Max, Dune Supreme and Dune dB mineral tiles with 99% humidity resistance.

Now it has launched the new 30-year warranty for mineral and most of its metal tiles with 95% and higher humidity resistance when combined with a selection of its market-leading grids. A 30-year warranty for the Axiom Canopy range is also available when installed with tiles that are 95% RH and above.

Advances in ceiling technology and engineering are placing increasing pressure on the product knowledge of specifiers and specialist sub-contractors and the systems guarantee has been designed to give them all peace of mind.

Davroy Ceilings has worked with Armstrong for 25 years and is a member of the manufacturer’s approved Omega network of specialist sub-contractors.

Director, Paul Durber, said: “Architects and end users will like this new 30-year warranty, particularly for the bigger projects, so it is a good selling point for Armstrong and for us. It will help us to win work.

“Unlike some other installers who use competitor grids with Armstrong tiles, we have always used the two together but being able to attach the new warranty to a quotation will enable us to offer our customers even greater value for money.

“I suppose strictly speaking it does mean you could get call-backs in however many years’ time but having said that, we have never had an issue with an Armstrong product we have installed and we use an awful lot of them.”

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More than just a performance warranty, the new 30-year warranty guarantees that the Armstrong system has been tested and accredited for its key technical attributes and site tested to demonstrate installation integrity and simplicity. In addition, it will also be free from defects in design, material and workmanship if properly installed and used under normal conditions.