Patient throughput increases at Walsall Manor Hospital with Siemens Ysio DR systems


X-ray equipment upgrade improves inpatient examinations and frontline trauma imaging

Walsall Manor Hospital, part of Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust, has installed two new digital radiography (DR) systems from Siemens Healthcare as part of an equipment replacement programme.

The new Ysio wi-D systems replace previous analogue X-ray solutions and have been installed in two rooms; one for dedicated inpatient examinations, and the other for frontline trauma imaging in the accident and emergency department.

The upgrade is already helping to increase daily patient throughput.

The hospital has found that the new DR systems are assisting with reducing patient examination times as the auto-positioning programmes - 1,000 pre-set anatomical settings - speed up the process. Furthermore, the comprehensive CARE protection feature of the Ysio combines various advanced protection functions designed to keep exposure levels as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA).

Radiographers working at Walsall Manor Hospital have cited the Ysio system’s ease of use, automated positioning programme and slick interface as key benefits. Staff have also voiced satisfaction with the low dose features, image acquisition time and the versatility offered by both the docking procedure and the lightweight wireless detector (Wi-D). The Wi-D makes the Ysio suitable for easy examination of immobile patients in beds and wheelchairs.

“Our paediatric provision at Walsall Manor Hospital has increased as a result of the Ysio installation. The low dose protection features ensures that young patients that were previously referred to outpatients, can now be treated here,” said Vanessa Palmer, superintendent radiographer at Walsall Manor Hospital.

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“The Ysio Wi-D system is excellent for walking wounded plus trolley or wheelchair based patients too.”