Multitone launches new i-Message 100 Critical Communications system


Product offers, reliability and flexible critical communications and multimedia sharing for 100+ users

Multitone announces the launch of the new version of its flagship i-Message communications product – i-Message 100.

Ideally suited to SME businesses and smaller or expanding organisations or site deployments, i-Message 100 shares many of the features and benefits of the original i-Message solution, providing an internet-based system that offers greater control over essential communications and peerless resilience and reliability for complete peace of mind.

Multitone’s i-Message 100 has been developed to meet keen market demands, as director of marketing at Multitone, Andrew Jones, explains: “The success, interest and feedback on our main i-Message product convinced us that there is a need for a version designed specifically for smaller organisations, or divisions within larger corporates, with fewer initial users, and a lower initial cost. i-Message 100 integrates with numerous internal systems, combining the messaging capabilities of existing equipment and allowing messages to transfer from person to person, or machine to machine, without the need to invest in a completely new company-wide system.”

Designed specifically for critical or busy communication environments, i-Message 100 routes traffic to the right person in the most-appropriate and expedient way - across internal phone systems, DECT telephones, Internet devices, mobile devices/smartphones/tablets, pagers, WiFi, integrated alarm systems, building and property management systems; thereby constantly pushing important information towards the intended recipient irrespective of their location or device.

Using i-Message 100 also saves organisations time. Jones said: “Upon implementing the system, an organisation can connect 100 licensed users into a comprehensive communications hub with the confidence that vital messages will be directed to the right person as swiftly as possible. This saves precious time; and by targeting recipients avoids unnecessary messaging.

Multitone has developed i-Message 100 with usability and functionality firmly in mind. Jones said: “With such a wide range of mobile and fixed communications choices available, i-Message gives organisations the power to easily contact individuals in a specific, targeted and highly-personalised way, reaching out to them and ensuring messages or multimedia information is received and acknowledged. But, equally, the product also offers strong operational benefits such as making the most of existing communications and IT systems. It also offers high levels of visibility for auditing purposes and provides a truly open-ended ability to expand and adapt to add different and new communications systems to the mix whilst maintaining highly-usable and intuitive levels of control.”

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Multone’s i-Message 100 is the perfect way to introduce an intelligent communications system. “What we are offering is the ideal starting point for smaller organisations or departments, which can then evolve into a large multi-site enterprise communications hub,” said Jones. “As i-Message 100 can be added to over time it is perfect for an expanding organisation, allowing you to grow and adopt new communications technologies as needed – futureproofing communications as they evolve and develop.”