Multitone expands Appear range of powerful and secure mobile messaging applications


Offering greater functionality, flexibility and customisation for corporate mobile staff communications

Multitone Electronics has unveiled two new versions of its powerful-but-intuitive and fully-secure corporate mobile communications application.

The Multitone Appear smart app now operates in a number of healthcare and retail sectors, showing the status and availability of contacts and ensuring voice, text, video and image messaging are properly routed and acknowledged.

Multitone Appear+ provides new multimedia and rich-content functionality, while Multitone Appear Lite simplifies the application for high-speed and convenient messaging, with acknowledgement and proof of delivery.

Both new versions are powered by Multitone’s i-Message unified messaging platform bringing together different and disparate communications.

Multitone’s technical director, Ron Wray, said: ”One application that has proven to be particularly useful is for medical teams as it provides a rich multi-media communications environment, but unlike superficially-comparable social media platforms, it provides enhanced corporate features for security and protection.

“From our extensive consultation with medical staff, it became clear that additional versions would be well suited to specific needs and budgets.”

He added: “Multitone Appear+ provides features which enable medical clinicians to share information, images and video content to collaborate more effectively, while the Lite app has been designed to provide simple but quick messaging for staff on the go.”

Multitone Appear+

As well as all the key components of the original application, Multitone’s Appear+ offers new options. For example, a copy of the patient consent form can be attached as a digital signature, providing approval for sensitive clinical images to be shared between authorised users within a secure corporate network.

The app also features an inbuilt Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phone client, which is linked directly to Multitone i-Message and enables the user to securely call and talk to other app or phone users.

Coupled with an inbuilt conference bridge, the app also allows for users to come together for quick and easy group discussions. At the same time, it can be fully integrated with other building or medical facility systems, such as fire alarms and nurse call solutions, to ensure relevant staff can be immediately updated.

Additionally, the app offers a ‘Smart Buttons’ option which can be configured to directly link and operate other organisational systems or to show a list of tasks for better time management.

Multitone Appear Lite

Designed as an intelligent and dynamic pager alternative, this app ensures messages are shared with the right team members and escalates to a supervisor in a timely manner if unanswered. The application features acknowledgement receipts and stores information securely. As with the other versions, Multitone Appear Lite can be operated over a Wi-Fi or mobile network, meaning it can be used on or off site as required.

Wray said: “The Multitone Appear range has almost-limitless options with regards to communications and resource management.

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“Our development team works closely with our customers to develop solutions that are essential and practical. We highly value this input and it will be a key part of the product evolution moving forwards.”