King Edward VII using Greenlight XPS laser for bladder and prostate treatment


King Edward VII Hospital in London has become the first private healthcare centre in the UK to use the new American Medical Systems Greenlight XPS laser system for the treatment of bladder outflow obstruction or enlarged prostate. Compared to earlier systems, Greenlight XPS has a laser beam that is 50% wider and improved power. David Badenoch, consultant urologist at the hospital, said: "Bladder outflow obstruction will affect most men when they reach later life. This fabulous new technology halves the time needed to remove affected tissue. The greater efficiency of the system means we can reduce the risks of complications, leading to quicker recovery rates." Cohn Lofthouse, chief executive, added: "Having this new system gives our patients access to the most up-to-date technology and care. It really is at the top end of medical technology and means shorter hospital stays for our patients, as well as reducing costs for the hospital."