First UK installation of Definition Edge improves diagnostic services at Nevill Hall Hospital


Cutting-edge CT system enables hospital to enhance image quality while keeping doses to a minimum

Nevill Hall Hospital, part of Aneurin Bevan University Health Board, has become the first hospital in the UK to install a SOMATOM Definition Edge CT system from Siemens Healthcare.

The addition of the new system has enabled the hospital to enhance image quality while keeping doses to a minimum, allowing for the delivery of rapid and effective diagnostic services.

The SOMATOM Definition Edge offers high temporal resolution imaging and high acquisition speed. The system incorporates a Stellar Detector, the first fully-integrated detector that significantly reduces electronic noise and generates ultra-thin slices for improved spatial resolution in CT. This helps to minimise image motion artefacts, and proves particularly useful with patients who are unable to remain still for extended periods, or when imaging fast-moving organs such as the heart.

The combination of the reduced noise level of the Stellar Detector and SAFIRE, Siemens’ raw-data-based interactive reconstruction, is the perfect match for imaging at a clinically relevant dose. The Definition Edge introduces a new imaging technique into single-source CT examinations where two scans are performed in succession with different energy levels, each using only about half the dose usually applied. Radiographers at Nevill Hall Hospital have been impressed with the image quality offered by the new system and its intuitive interface.

“The Definition Edge CT system from Siemens Healthcare has enabled us to deliver improved diagnostic services to our patients, with the enhanced imaging enabling informed decisions to be made that could make a critical difference,” said Andrew Carter, radiology services manager at Nevill Hall and the Royal Gwent Hospitals.

“Siemens is proud to support the patient care pathway at Nevill Hall Hospital with the UK’s first SOMATOM Definition Edge,” said Darren Parker, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare.

“The Definition Edge is Siemens’ fastest single-source CT system, helping to improve departmental workflow. It has also been supporting Nevill Hall with a number of dose reduction features, while maintaining excellent image quality for improved diagnostic safety and confidence.”

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