BIOTRONIK announces European launch of Pantera Pro Coronary Balloon Catheter


Workhorse balloon designed to enhance access to difficult lesions and challenging patient anatomies

BIOTRONIK has announced the European market launch of the Pantera Pro semi-compliant coronary balloon dilatation catheter.

The Pantera Pro workhorse balloon received CE mark in January and the first dilatation procedures were performed in 13 countries, based on which more than 700 product uses were evaluated.

Juan F Iglesias, of the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, said: "When treating patients with complex vascular anatomy, it can be difficult to ensure access to the lesion site and to achieve proper dilatation. Thanks to Pantera Pro's slim shoulder design and hydrophilic coating, even lesions affecting tight or challenging vessels may be more easily and reliably crossed."

Pantera Pro has been completely redesigned from the previous generation of Pantera balloons, integrating many progressive design and technology features to ensure superior reach and enhanced crossability. A new hydrophilic balloon coating and proprietary balloon material in the 1.25 mm - 2.0 mm sizes ensure enhanced durability. In addition to these refinements to the smaller balloon sizes, the profile of the catheter's distal guide wire support section as measured in bench testing was reduced, thereby improving performance during kissing balloon technique and reducing friction within the vessel by up to 43% compared to competitors. Based on the first dilatation procedures, physicians have indicated that Pantera Pro performs better in 68% of cases than other semi-compliant balloons.

"The first users of Pantera Pro have discovered this workhorse balloon demonstrates excellent pushability and crossability, even in tight lesions," said Dr Alexander Uhl, vice president of marketing at BIOTRONIK Vascular Intervention.

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"Following in the footsteps of the Pantera LEO non-compliant and the Pantera Lux drug-coated balloons, the European launch of Pantera Pro establishes the BIOTRONIK coronary balloon portfolio as the most-competitive and versatile on the market."