Armstrong is flush about its new Axiom range


Armstrong extends its Axiom range of perimeter ceiling solutions

Armstrong is flush about its new Axiom range

Armstrong Ceilings has enhanced its Axiom range and launched a new brochure introducing the full range of aluminium solutions.

Armstrong's Axiom solutions provide an aesthetic finish for wall-to-wall and discontinuous ceiling installations, meeting the requirements of contemporary specifications by giving architects and interior designers the ability to create attractive and functional ceiling features quickly and cost-effectively, using pre-engineered aluminium trims, transitions and profiles, and in the case of discontinuous ceilings, canopies.

The refreshed range incorporates a new sub-range of Blind Boxes to allow full and clean integration from wall to any ceiling system, whether it is to disguise blinds and feature lighting or just a shadow line visual solution. With slide-in accessories, the Blind Box provides a neat integrated finish with plasterboard, metal, mineral fibre or wood tile ceilings that is capable of saving 75% of costs in drywall material and labour.

In addition, Axiom transitions provide a seamless conversion between plasterboard and suspended ceilings, while Axiom profiles help with ceiling level changes, floating ceiling construction and lighting integration. Axiom canopies provide a discontinuous ceiling portfolio delivered as a simple sub-structure kit that is available in different dimensions.

Axiom perimeter solutions are quick and easy to install using standard grid and tile combinations to ensure crisp edge details and smooth connections every time, regardless of whether the solution is straight or curved, wall-to-wall or floating ‘clouds’.

Trims, transitions, Blind Boxes and profiles are available on next-day delivery and in two standard colours with a full range of accessories, they can also be customised with bespoke colours, cuts, curving and finishes, and come with a 30-year system guarantee when used wall-to-wall with a complete Armstrong system solution.

The new Axiom brochure, which features case studies on the use of the systems at Gatwick Airport, Passmores, Twydall and Dwr-Y-Felin schools, Kings Church, SOFO Museum and Concordia Hotel, is available to download from the website.

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