Adelaide and Meath (Tallaght) Hospital awards contract to Ingenica Solutions


Win marks first step for company’s solutions into European market

Ingenica Solutions has been awarded a contract to implement its Atticus solution at the Adelaide and Meath Hospital (Tallaght); one of Ireland’s largest acute teaching hospitals.

The award win marks the first step for Ingenica Solutions into the European market.

Atticus replaces Tallaght’s existing system and will link to the main SAP warehouse solution, helping to improve data and to streamline procurement processes.

The current solution in the hospital was unsupported and needed to be replaced.

The Ingenica solution provides a base for improvement and expansion of track and traceability across the hospital.

Switching will deliver additional benefits to Tallaght Hospital over and above the ability of the current systems.

Frank Hughes, deputy innovation and project delivery manager, at Tallaght Hospital, said: “We see real value in Atticus, particularly as it is developed with healthcare in mind.

“It is the only solution that offers the ability to fully meet our objectives, and we see big similarities in Ingenica Solutions and our ethos to achieve significant savings and efficiencies.”

The phased hospital-wide implementation will improve how inventory at Tallaght Hospital is acquired, stored and managed; to deliver a more-strategic impact. It will also fully utilise the ability for mobile working using the Zebra TC70 hand-held devices.

Nicola Hall, managing director at Ingenica Solutions, said: “Tallaght Hospital has been undertaking inventory management for the past 18 years and therefore already understands the concept of how to improve supply chain management and the procurement of goods.

“Our task is to build on these foundations and move the hospital towards even better operational and financial efficiencies.

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“What makes this award win particularly special for us is that it marks Ingenica Solutions’ first step into the European market; one that we hope to build.”